Mariah Carey 

Mariah Carey Slut

Mariah Carey Slut

It was all over the national newspapers of countries around the world, “Mariah Carey freed after 2 day kidnap ordeal.” This was one of the biggest entertainment industry stories of all time, and the celebrity hungry people of the world were lapping it up. Mariah Carey had been kidnapped at gunpoint on a routine trip to her local grocery store on literally the only occasion she had left home without her security staff.

“I’ll be fine,” she told them.

Her entourage were not so sure, but she had the money and the power and they did as she requested. Of course they regretted that hours later but the main thing was she was safe and sound once again.

“Ok so here is the deal Mariah,” said her manager during a conference call the day after her rescue. “We will put on a 10 date tour to celebrate your return from hell. The diva, the superstar, the legend Mariah Carey free!”

“I’m not so sure, I mean, it’s so soon.”

“Hey look this is the showbiz world, we can make some big money out of this unfortunate situation. You’re in safe hands now, you have to live your life again. Your kidnapper was shot dead so he can’t hurt you anymore now can he?”

She smiled, nodded and agreed with the plans.

The first night of her kidnap she had awoken tied to a chair and feeling groggy. Her kidnapper had used straight old rope and had shackled her legs together. The room was dark and she couldn’t quite make him out as he crossed the room towards her.

“You’ll feel better soon. I had to use chlorophyll to subdue you,” he said in a deep grizzly voice.

She couldn’t reply as she had the silk scarf she had been wearing in her mouth as a gag. Instead she screamed all she can. This was soon silenced with a slap to her face. Tears streamed down her eyes as she realised how helpless the situation was. She didn’t have a clue if her security team, the police, or the authorities were looking for her right now. She had no idea how long she had been here. All she knew was that her captor could kill her in moments and nobody could do a thing about it.

“I’m sorry, so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he sighed. “Just do not struggle. I love you and I don’t mean you no harm. I just want to bring pleasure. You bring me pleasure every time I hear you sing. Now I want you to feel pleasure from me.”

With that he reached out and started groping at her large jutting tits in her white cotton vest top. She took a deep breath and tried to pull back but could go nowhere. She sobbed as he massaged both breasts whilst breathing heavily. He stopped for a moment, but only to reach for some scissors on a nearby table. With these he snipped the straps off her top, and her tits feel free into the stale air of the room. He smiled through gap teeth at the beautiful bosom before him and the fact that her nipples were jutting out erect. She was in complete fear of the situation but her hard nipples made him believe she was enjoying it and encouraged him further. Soon he was sucking both of her huge mounds into his drooling mouth.

Mariah was horrified at what was happening. She was expecting him to hurt or kill her, but even worse he was now in the process of raping her. She could barely move and therefore could not struggle. Instead she had to sit still and put up with this evil man lapping away at her jugs. There wasn’t a thing she could do about it. She just hoped that help arrived before he was finished with her, or that he would hurry up and get it over with so she would not suffer.

The kidnapper continued his vile act. After what seemed like an eternity of feasting on her ripe melons, he parted her silky smooth bare legs and slid his rough hand along them and up her short mini skirt. He reached the fabric of her tiny thong and yanked it down her legs. It was caught under her so he used the scissors to snip the garment free. Holding the crotch to his nose he inhaled deeply.

“Mmmm such a sweet pussy,” he whispered, sending a shiver down her spine.

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