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Gentlemen prefer busty blondes

Blondes prefer interracial sex

MEN prefer curvy blondes like Kate Upton to skinny brunettes such as Angelina Jolie, researcher claim.

Blokes are three per cent more likely to choose a blonde woman over a dark-haired one when looking for a date.

And 27 per cent prefer a lady with curves — and just two per cent of fellas want a woman with a supermodel’s shape.



Both men and women would choose a nice face over a great body when picking a partner, the stats from dating site show.

Nice eyes and a cheeky smile topped the poll as the most important features.

Gentlemen prefer busty blondes

Just eight per cent of men listed a good bum as the most important feature, followed by seven per cent who see great breasts as a must-have.

Similarly, 25 per cent of women want someone with nice eyes, and 22 per cent go for a sexy smile, compared with two per cent who are seeking a beau with a six-pack.

Psychologist Dr Simon Moore, of London Metropolitan University, said: “Society has created this blonde versus brunette divide.

Scarlett fever

“Far more blondes than brunettes appear on our television and movie screens, so we’re going to be conditioned to finding them more attractive.

“The more we see something in our daily lives, the more we like something.

“People are quite realistic generally speaking. Men know that supermodels are doing a job and that being skinny is part of that — it’s not representative of most women.

gentleman prefer brunettes busty

“Subconsciously, we are also looking at a woman’s hip to waist ratio, which can indicate their suitability for child bearing, and assessing them on that. It’s about evolution.”

Dr Moore said being drawn to nice eyes and a smile is nature’s way of picking out a happy partner, adding: “It’s true that the eyes are the window on to the soul.

“We’ve learnt that we should pay attention to people’s eyes and smile.

gentleman prefer busty brunette
Back of the … brunettes are less in demand than their blonde counterparts

“It helps us to pick out a happy person, who’s not going to be stressed all the time and will make a supportive partner.”

Dark-haired women looking for love should head to London and Birmingham where they are most popular.

Redheads will find luck in Manchester, which is also the city with the most positive attitude to marriage.

Meanwhile, Liverpool came out as the anti-marriage capital of the UK, where one in three residents see it as unnecessary.

Originally posted 2016-04-01 14:27:01.

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