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Ariel Winter curvy

Ariel Winter curvy

My mates curvy. Sex Stories

Once a week I used to meet up with my mate and the guys to shoot some pool now and again the wives and girlfriends used to come and have a drink while we played.
My mate had just started to bring his 18 year old daughter to the the club and she usually sat looking rather bored in the corner.

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Emily was a curvy emo chick well I say curvy she was a good size 18 with a short blacked bobbed hairstyle and wore the cutest geek glasses and had a big pair of tits she hid under cardigans or jumpers which was no fun.
The only time she seemed to smile was when I missed my shot and her dad mocked me for being so rubbish.
This night I had been really bad and spent more time sitting down than playing which Emily thought was hilarious.
You should n’t laugh its not funny i grumbled.
Well we all lose sometimes babes don’t worry and its not fair I don’t get to look at your bum because you always lose’ she smiles at me.
oh thanks what would your dad say
We laugh and at the end of the night I say goodbye and ask Emily if she will be here next week to which she replies yes and my heart and mood brighten with that thought.
The next week my girlfriend decides to come and I notice Emily is not so pleased and sulks most of the night which is not good.
I try to talk to her while my girlfriend goes to the bar.
hey you alright?
well I was till you showed up with your girlfriend’ she snaps back.
oh i,m sorry don’t you like her?
No she’s alright just I can’t have a look at your ass while she’s here she might catch me’ Emily frowns.

I reply and carry on the end of the night comes we depart I don’t say bye to Emily for fear she’s seriously not in a good mood.
Two weeks pass and no sign of her at the club. I ask her dad where she is and he tells me she’s working but will be in tonight later she’s just doing a early bar shift.
It gets to 10 o clock and Emily arrives she’s dressed in a tight pencil skirt and black shirt that’s was to small for her awesome tits I can see the buttons straining and a nice amount of cleavage.
She saddles up beside me and puts her head on my shoulder.
Her dad asks
what’s wrong with you
She replies i,m tired need to sl**p
well you better get home then young lady and stop harassing Paul by falling asl**p on him
He turns round and continues to play.
I can feel the softness of her hair on my shoulder and the hint of perfume wafts up my nose, my eyes are transfixed on her cleavage.
Hey Dad do you think Paul will drop me off?
Her dad looks at me and says
well Paul you wanted to get off early and your not going to get another game so don’t you mind
Of course not
I reply.
I grab my coat and watch Emily head for the door I watch her big ass wobble as we leave.
I run round to the passenger door and open it for her, she sits in and her skirt raises up to show her firm meaty thighs.
Buckle up
she clips the belt over her amazing tits I feel my cock hard in my pants as we set off.
thanks Paul for this’ she says as she places her hand on my thigh.
your a top bloke
Her hand starts stroking up and down my leg I grab it and f***e it off.
hey what you doing young lady
I thought you would like it there so firm Paul’ she teases
Not a moment to soon we reach the house.
there you go emms well thanks Paul but come in for a coffee your girlfriend won’t expect you back yet will she’ she flutters her eyelids at me I feel my cock harden further.
errrr okay just a quick one She opens the door which leads to the kitchen she grabs the kettle and fills it and turns it on.
how sweet you want it Paul’ she asks moving closer to me.
I mumble as she’s right up close and takes my hand placing it on her firm ass cheek.
She holds my hand on her ass as she grabs me round the neck kissing me deep with her big plump lips my hand grabs a tighter hold of the ass flesh as our lips lock and we tongue each other deep.
My other hand snakes up and feels one of her awesome tits.
She breaks from the kiss and whispers
you like them don’t you I see you staring at them all the time
I squeeze harder and as I kiss her hard again my hand start to unbutton her shirt her chest heaves and falls and her hand is already unbuttoning my jeans.
I push the shirt from her shoulders and unclasp her lacy black bra with expertise remove it from her shoulders and sling it on the kitchen floor.
My hands are all over her big tits massaging them, cupping them, I thumb the nipples hard her head falls backwards her mouth opens a little loving the feel. The nipples are erect I bend take one then the other in my mouth biting and sucking gnawing it till it reddens.
She gasps fucccccck Paul that’s good
Her hands push at the top of my jeans forcing them down my legs and her chubby fingers delve into my boxers grabbing my cock wrapping her hand round it and start wanking it hard. She expertly pulls my foreskin back and rims it with her index finger round the base over my engorged japs eyes mopping up all my pre cum and places the finger between her lips and sucks.
She winks at me and says I like it sweet to Paul
She pushes me back against the breakfast bar and rids me of my jeans and shorts puts her hands on my ass kneels down and begins to like my engorged cock from the base to the tip lapping at the pre cum before wrapping her hand once again round my cock and taking me in her mouth and sucking me hard and long in and out I reach down put my hands on the back of her head and encourage her to deep throat me and she obliges sucking and popping my cock out of her pretty mouth showing me her drool hanging off then taking it all I grab the back of her head and f***e it down hard so my balls smash against her face I hold and watch her big eyes roll a little her face redden and the sound of my cock gagging her fills the air ,I release and she takes the drool off my cock and rubs it into her tits and begins to tit fuck me my cock sliding in the valley is amazing all warm and inviting I have dreamed of my cock between those tits so many times.
Shs pushes me back a little and stands pulls her skirt over here full thighs i grab her ass and lift her onto the breakfast bar and kneel. I can see her panties are dripping wet I push them together and tug them with my teeth they snag between her bald pussy lips I then reach up and rip them off taking them and smelling them like they were a trophy.
Do I smell good Paul? why don’t you have a proper taste you sexy fucker
I part her ample thighs and begin to lap at her engorged pussy lips my tongue slowly follows the edges till it reaches her pink clit.I just rasp over it a little then snake my tongue deep in her cunt my fingers now flicking her clit my other finger gapes her open as i lap up her juices and finger fuck her hard.
She’s in bits and grabs my head ramming into her cunt.
oh my god!
oh my god!
oh my god I’m cumming!
she screams
I feel her cunt walls tighten round my fingers as the are enveloped in gushing juice over and erupting orgasm she leans back playing with her tits as her ass convulses and juice dribble down my chin.
fuck me Paul she screams
I stand up and she watches as i slide my cock deep inside a plump cunt.
I grab her ease her forward a little and start to pump in and out fast and hard she takes her hand and flicks her clit arches her back to display her amazing tits her erect nipples.
I pummel her cunt hard she watches intently as my cock slides in and out.
The heat rises and i feel her cunt walls contract as she orgasms for a second time
your cocks amazing’ she mumbles i press my forehead to hers look her deep in the eyes and whisper
its all yours Emma all yours babes
We meld together and look at each other deep in each others eyes like its our last fuck heads pressed together.
Finally my balls tighten and I can hold it no longer I grab her big ass and f***e my cock in hard for the last time it convulses jetting hot cum in deep she looks at me and smirks between breathing heavy.
that’s it
that’s it
fill me up babes
I fall on her big tits head resting there she cradles it.
what would your girlfriend say?’ she whispers in my ear.
fuck my girlfriend I gotta go!!!
I grab my pants and pull them quickly pulling my t shirt over my head.
Dressed i see emms return in a sexy nightgown all silk and black.
You going so soon Paul well maybe we can pick up next week
She reaches between her legs and fingers herself.
You naughty boy’ she smirks tasselling her hair in her fingers looking at me with her big eyes.
I escape thought he door just before her dad arrives back all I can think of is those tits that curvy ass them big eyes them curvaceous thighs as I head home roll on next week.

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